Fun in the mud at weekend rodeos

MADISON/ATKINSON -- Weekend rains produced some muddy conditions at high school rodeos in Madison and Atkinson. In Madison, Dunning’s Tanner Freeman won the boy’s All-Around. Freeman placed second in steer wrestling then teamed with his brother, AJ, to finish third in team roping. AJ also placed in steer wrestling with the fourth fastest time. Event champions form Madison included Comstock’s Tyler Viers in team roping and Thedford’s Chauncy Hesseltine in bull riding. Brewster’s Mardee Sierks had two good performances on the day. Sierks placed second in breakaway roping and fourth in goat tying. A group of Dunning cowboys and cowgirls put together good performances. Tylee Coffman's placed second in pole bending, Nate McFadden placed third in bareback riding while his sister placed third in barrel racing. Chantelle Milleson placed fourth in breakaway roping a day after competing in the state track and field championships. Others who place third in their respective events in Madison were Broken Bow’s Sterling Atkins in boys cutting and Purdum’s Dillon Simonson in tie down roping. Mlburn’s Blayne Bradley was the top performer at the Atkinson High School Rodeo. Bradley earned Reserve All-Around honors with two second place finishes. Bradly placed second in boys cutting and second in tie down roping. Oconto’s Logan Glendy made it to Atkinson from Omaha. Glendy place fourth in the 300 meter hurdles at the state track meet, but in Atkinson Glendy was the champion of the bareback riding. Nate McFadden also was a champion on the day winning the saddle bronc event with a 54 score. Repeating their Saturday performances, Kadai McFadded again placed third in barrel racing while Atkins again place third in boys cutting. Sierks improve from fourth in goat tying Saturday to second on Sunday while AJ Freeman and Simonson finished third and fourth respectively in steer wrestling. Results from the weekend rodeos are as follows:Madison H.S. Rodeo Bareback Riding - 1. D. Tiede, Smithfield 66; 3. Nate McFadden, Dunning 59; 6. Chauncy Hesseltine, Thedford 55. Barrel Racing - 1. B. Reichmuth, Humphrey 18.069; 3. Kadai McFadden, Dunning 18.378. Boys Cutting - 1. D. Powers, Arthur 145.5; 3. Sterling Atkins, Broken Bow 144. Breakaway Roping - 1. S. Stec, Bassett 3.190; 2. Mardee Sierks, Brewster 3.910; 4. Chantelle Milleson, Dunning 5.200. Bull Riding - 1. Chauncy Hesseltine, Thedford 69; 5. Zach Call, Mullen 52; 6. Tyler Viers, Comstock 49. Girls Cutting - 1. J. Hagedorn, West Point 142. Goat Tying - 1. C. Stanko, Gordon 7.350; 4. Mardee Sierks, Brewster 8.980; 7. Jincy Osborn, Mullen 9.330; 8. Tylee Coffman, Dunning 9.400. Pole Bending - 1. A. Herringer, Juniata 23.298; 2. Tylee Coffman, Dunning 23.370. Saddle Bronc - 1. H. Kraeger, Avoca 66; 6. Nate McFadden, Dunning 53. Steer Wrestling - 1. J. Kasselder, Ericson 8.320; 2. Tanner Freeman, Dunning 12.090; 4. AJ Freeman, Dunning 15.140. Team Roping - 1. Dustin Dailey, Long Pine and Tyler Viers, Comstock 9.420; 3. AJ Freeman, Dunning and Tanner Freeman, Dunning 10.060; 6. Elkanah Riley, Brule and Sterling Atkins, Broken Bow 17.070. Tie Down Roping - 1. L. Lewis, Arthur 15.400; 3. Dillon Simonson, Purdum 17.800. Boys All Around - Tanner Freeman, Dunning 276.58. Boys Reserve All Around - B. Dibbern, Riverdale 249.00. Girls All Around - B. Reichmuth, Humphrey 332.65. Girls Reserve All Around - J. Hagedorn, West Point 329.20.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Atkinson H.S. Rodeo Bareback Riding - 1. Logan Glendy, Oconto 67. Barrel Racing - 1. S. VonHeeder, Ainsworth 16.952; 3. Kadai McFadden, Dunning 17.586; 8. Tylee Coffman, Dunning 17.749. Boys Cutting - 1. T. Littell, Elm Creek 144; 2. Blayne Bradley, Milburn 143; 3. Sterling Atkins, Broken Bow 142. Breakaway Roping - 1. A. Christen, Lincoln 2.870. Bull Riding - 1. D. Cunningham, Bloomfield 71. Girls Cutting - 1. J. Hagedorn, West Point 141. Goat Tying - 1. A. Christen, Lincoln 8.040; 2. Mardee Sierks, Brewster 8.650; 7. Tylee Coffman, Dunning 10.840. Pole Bending - 1. C. Stanko, Gordon 21.221; 7. Kadai McFadden, Dunning 22.821; 10. Sidney Troxel, Broken Bow 24.443. Saddle Bronc - 1. Nate McFadden, Dunning 54. Steer Wrestling - 1. H. Kraeger, Avoca 7.420; 3. AJ Freeman, Dunning 9.100; 4. Dillon Simonson, Purdum 16.310. Team Roping - 1. N. Miles, Sidney and Marshal Peterson, Ahland 83.20; 7. Logan Glendy, Oconto and Colter Glendy, Oconto 12.560; 8. Elkanah Riley, Brule and Sterling Atkins, Broken Bow 12.710. Tie Down Roping - 1. T. Stec, Bassett 10.470; 2. Blayne Bradley, Milburn 11.190; 10. Tanner Freeman, Dunning 15.300. Boys All Around - Tom Littell, Elm Creek 329.45. Boys Reserve All Around - Blayne Bradley, Milburn 309.60. Girls All Around - A. Christen, Lincoln 400.20. Girls Reserve All Around - S. VonHeeder, Ainsworth 392.15.