Georgia Boys win One Box

The Georgia Boys head home with this year’s bragging rights, following the 51st Annual One Box Pheasant Hunt in Broken Bow. With one box of shells to work with, the five-member team scored 75 points with 15 pheasants, the daily limit, to place first. Local guides Ron Klein and Logan Spanel and dog handler Tehl Keslar share the glory. The BD Rooster Busters came in second with 50 points and the Plains Equipment Group came in third. (See B5 of today’s Chief for complete results and pictures of this year’s teams.) Monday morning event Chair Thomas McCaslin was all smiles. “Everyone had a good time, and they were talking about coming back next year. There was lots of good support,” he said. Pat Berggren will chair the 2012 event. “When you can get a good number of Past Shooters, who were new shooters last year, things are going alright,” McCaslin added. According to One Box rules, once a person has shot on a team, he can only shoot as a Past Shooter, unless he returns as the captain of an all new team. McCaslin, as the immediate past president will captain next year’s Nebraska Team. The work on next year’s event, McCaslin said, begins almost immediately. “The next year sneaks up on you,” he added. “I have to say that there are no lazy board members. There is a board of 12 people and everyone works together. That is what makes this thing go.” McCaslin included in his thanks, the city of Broken Bow for allowing them to use the city utility building. On Friday, the Chief caught up with country music star Buddy Jewell, and he said he was thrilled to be part of the weekend. He was a member of the NRA team. Before the weekend hunt, he said he had held a gun before, missed a few turkeys, missed a couple of boar and on Saturday he looked forward to missing a few pheasants. “The comraderie is what this is all about,” he said. Jewell recently released his fourth album titled “I Surrender All.” He has traveled to Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan with the USO performing for the military stationed overseas. This recording is dedicated to the men and women who protect the nation’s liberties and freedoms. Jewell is the 2003 winner of USA Network’s “Nashville Star.” Past Shooter George Pretty of Charlottesville, N.C., agreed with Jewell when he talked about the comraderie. “It’s not about the hunt, it’s about the people. If you want to hunt you can go to a private reserve. Here it is about renewed friendships and supporting the message of the organization.” Past Shooter Chuck Melman, also of Charlottesville, said he feels good about coming to Broken Bow and supporting the One Box Foundation because it stands for two things he finds near and dear, the environment and education. Three long-time Past Shooters, Dick Phillips of Georgia, Jerry Robertson of Texas and Bill Adkins of California talked about the different people they have met, right here in rural Nebraska, and of these, the opportunity to meet and hunt with Gen. Schwarzhopf is one of their highlights. This is the 21st year Phillps has returned to Broken Bow, the 27th for Robertson and the 31st for Adkins. “It is meeting new friends, and seeing old friends, and staying in touch that is important,” Phillips added. “This is the only hunt my wife will accompany me on,” Said Robertson. “She really likes coming to Broken Bow.” The 51st One Box Pheasant Hunt featured eight teams of five, 70 past shooters and three days of activities. For more information go to