Grandsons of Bandstand builder in Bow for celebration

Staff Writer

Grandsons of George Hammond, the builder of the Bandstand in Broken Bow, are in town for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Bandstand. Glen "Pete" Hammond, 94, of Woodlake, Texas, and Joe Peterson, 80, of Essex, Iowa, are with family enjoying the activities in the Square.

Glen Hammond said it was his grandfather who started calling him "Pete." "It stuck with me. If someone calls me Glen, I never answer," Hammond said. Hammond is a World War II veteran, having served in the Army in the South Pacific, specifally Lusan Island in the Phillipines. After the service, he became a truck driver.

Joe Peterson was adopted by another family when he was young. There were 19 siblings and Joe Peterson was adopted by the Petersons when he was 8. He farmed near Ord and then moved to Oakland where he was a butcher. "I was a butcher and cut up beef for 32 years. Cattle, hogs, sheep, even an ostrich," Peterson said.

Both Hammond and Peterson were enjoying the celebration in the Square with family members: Billie Peterson, Joe's wife; Susan Balette, Glen's daughter; and Sandy Flores, their niece, the daughter of their brother, Mike.