Have a Heart campaign announced

Leadership Custer County is asking everyone to ‘Have a Heart’ this winter and enter their ‘Food Bank Challenge.’Leadership Custer County teams (originated by the Custer Economic Development Corporation) have been researching the needs in our respective communities and have found that the area Food Pantries need our help. Team members Jami Anderson, Pete Cunning ham, Jim Morgan, Tim Loy and Todd Jonas talked about the reasons behind the push at this time.“Many people donate to them at Christmas time to help with the Christmas dinners and food for the holidays; however, after that time the donations fall off and little is donated to help with the rest of the year. The local food pantries feed many people in our community and are a great asset to many in need of assistance. “Please help us this Valentine’s Day to replenish our food banks and help your fellow citizens in Continued from A1need!” This challenge is being sent out to our area businesses, schools and civic organizations. Those interested in participating are asked to notify any of the team members that your business or organization would like to participate. The challenge works like this: FIRST: The Leadership team has organized the challenge into the following: • Big Business (25 or more employees) are asked to gather toiletries and baby items. • Small Businesses (less than 25 employees) are asked to gather cleaning supplies and canned fruit. • Churches are asked to gather cleaning supplies and canned fruit. • Service organizations and clubs are asked to gather boxed goods. • Schools are divided into two groups: grade schools are asked to gather canned fruit and middle school/high schools are asked to gather boxed foods.SECOND: The ‘Have a Heart’ Challenge is just as the title implies - a challenge. Participating businesses and organizations are asked to set aside Jan. 27-Feb 7 to gather your designated items for the area food pantries. The supplies will be turned in a specific day, and there will be prizes for the entity in each division that gather the most items. In addition, by participating in this challenge you will have recognition in the Custer County Chief, Callaway Courier, KCNI and www.custercountychief.com. Remember you will be competing against “like” organizations or businesses to see who can raise the most items in your category and the winners will be published at the end of the contest as the “Heart of Custer County Winners.” For information on the Leadership Custer County program email the CEDC at custerdevelopment@gmail.com.