Honor procession for Cpl. Seadore through Broken Bow

Staff Writer

It took only a few minutes to pass through town. The Honor Guard for Cpl. Richard Seadore was met with citizens who lined Hwy 2 in Broken Bow holding the American flag.

At approximately 9:30 a.m., the cremains of Seadore were escorted through Broken Bow. The procession began in Callaway and was scheduled to continue to Westerville, Sargent, Taylor, Ainsworth and to Long Pine where Seadore will be interred this afternoon.

Broken Bow Fire Department displayed the large American flag over Hwy 2 in downtown Broken Bow as the procession passed. Citizens lined the street holding flags distributed by Kourtney and Kelsy Olge, daughters of Chris Ogle, a member of the Sons of the American Legion.

Cpl. Seadore died while a POW during the Korean War during the early 1950s. No remains were returned to the family at that time. In the late 1990s, DNA testing was implemented to test remains returned by North Korea in 1992. A partial skeleton of Seadore's remains was assembled from the 1992 remains as well as remains gathered by excavation teams in North Korea 1999-2000.

Seadore was a Long Pine native. His brother, Al is a retired pastor living in Callaway. Another brother, Raymond, and a sister,, Margie, also reside in Callaway.