Huskers battle Sooners to end conference competition after 89 years

Since 1921, Oklahoma and Nebraska have been meeting on the gridiron as confernce foes. This weekend in the Big 12 championship game, this conference rivalry will end after 89 years. During those 89 years, it was the decade of the 70's and 80's that heated the rivalry. It began with the 'Game of the Century' then blossomed in 1973 when Tom Osborne became the new Nebraska coach and Barry Switzer becoming Oklahoma's coach. It was the wishbone vs the power 'I', it was Thanksgiving, for 20 years it was Oklahoma vs Nebraska. One could not speak of college football with out mentioning Oklahoma or Nebraska. Almost every year, this Thanksgiving game determined who would play for the National Championship.Throughout the 20 years great players participated in this glorious game. Oklahoma greats like Billy Sims, Marcus Dupree, Brian Bosworth and Keith Jackson join Nebraska greats Mike Rozier, Irving Fryar, Turner Gill, Dean Steinkuhler, Dave Remington, Neil Smith, Marc Munford and Broderick Thomas as some of college football's greatest players to play in this historic rivalry.This Saturday, it is only fitting that Nebraska plays Oklahoma in Nebraska's final Big 12 game. Winning the Big 12 Championship would be a great to leave the Big 12 conference. But, if the Huskers lose, who better to lose to. Losing to Oklahoma will always be better losing to Texas or a team from Texas. All Nebraska can do is hope for fair officiating in honor of this historic rivalry! Go Huskers and thank you to the Oklahoma Sooners for helping Nebraska become a class act!