It's more than touchdowns

By Dennis DriscollSports EditorWith a gigantic thud, Tebowmania is no more. It’s unfortunate, because it was simply awesome. I know many football fans and various groups of people are probably saying something like this: “Good, I’m sick of Tebow.” There are two different types of Tebow detractors: the football detractors, whom I respect, and the agnostics and atheists that can’t stand his public (and rightful) display of Christianity. I can stand the football-only detractors. These fans can’t stand Tebow because he’s the quarterback of their rival team, or for whatever reason, they just don’t like him on Sunday. That’s fine because I feel the same way towards Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Phillip Rivers. It’s just strictly football related. If I’m having a debate with a football fan who says he can’t stand Tebow because of his flawed mechanics, his inability to read a complex defense and he locks on to his number one receiver, then fine, that’s a legitimate football only debate. Then there’s the other type of detractors: The non-religious (agnostics and atheists). This group’s main beef with Tebow is not his football skills, but how he shares his faith. Their main argument is Tebow shouldn’t share his faith because it alienates the fans and will cause the fan base to splinter and he's praying to win the football game. If this group of people does not like Tebow, then simply don’t watch the game. They have a choice to make. Either watch the football for the game itself, or turn the channel. Also, I would like to point out Tebow isn't praying for a touchdown or a win when he gets down on one knee. He's thanking God for the opportunity he's been given and he's using his gifts as a platform for sharing his Christian faith. Who has the number two selling jersey in the NFL? It's not Tom Brady, Drew Brees or even Peyton Manning. That honor falls to No. 15, Tim Tebow (In case you were wondering, number one is Aaron Rodgers). I don’t think he’s alienating, fragmenting or destroying any fan base, and quite frankly, I think the jersey stat debunks that claim. If I ever have kids, I hope Tebow is still playing in the NFL. I want to point out to them and say, “That’s a man of integrity, respect and honor. If there’s a NFL player I want you to admire, it is Tim Tebow.” It’s pretty cool to see what impact #15 has had. He’s strengthened my faith in the Lord. Not because of what he does on the field, but what he has done off the field. He brings hope to me. In a world that’s full of negativity and evil, Tebow proves that there’s still good and that’s something that can’t be argued. Also, Tebow started 13 games this year. His final record: 8-5. I’d say that’s pretty good. And earlier this week Bronco legend and current chief of player operations, John Elway, named Tebow the starter. Tebowmania isn't going away anytime soon.