Lightford sentenced to prison

Christopher M. Lightford, 23, was sentenced in Custer County District Court Thursday, April 17, and this time Judge Karin Noakes did not go easy on him. Lightford was found guilty of one count of theft by taking, and was on probation for the same charge at the time of his arrest. In August 2013, he was ordered to serve 1 year supervised probation and make restitution of $2,680. However, just a year later he was back in jail for the same offense. At Thursday’s sentencing, Lightford’s attorney, Michael Borders, requested he be placed on extended probation. However, the state vehemently argued, reminding the court of his prior convictions as well as his failure to appear for his last hearing at which Judge Noakes issued a $10,000 bench warrant. The state also informed the court that Lightford has had five charges brought against him since being placed on probation in August 2013. Judge Noakes noted that Lightford has not made payment toward restitution in that case, served any of his community service hours or checked in regularly with his probation officer. “When you don’t do any of the things you are supposed to do, it’s pretty hard for me to consider you a candidate for probation,” Judge Noakes told Lightford prior to handing down his sentence of 12-15 months in the Nebraska Department of Corrections. He is also ordered to make restitution to the three victims in this case of a total of $3,120. He received credit for five days served in jail. Lightford requested he be allowed 10 days to “take care of some things” before reporting to the County Sheriff, however Judge Noakes denied that request and remanded him to the custody of the Sheriff immediately.