Loup 2 Loup road race gives back

On August 8, 2013 the 2nd annual Loup 2 Loup (L2L) Open Road Race asked its surrounding communities to help with the race that runs the 12 miles between Halsey and Purdum and back again. Just like the year before they came forward to help in so many ways. Some gave their time selling T-shirts and cooking breakfast while others sat along the course and kept watch on the road to keep the drivers safe. Firefighters and EMT’s alike brought their life saving skills in case there was a need, timers and technicians helped make the race the success it was, and of course the land owners allowed us access to their property. Thank you to each and every one of you.The following organizations received donations from the proceeds of the event.$500 to Halsey / Purdum Service Club$500 to Blaine County Area Community Foundation$500 to Purdum Women’s Fellowship$500 to Halsey Fire Department$500 to Purdum Fire Department$500 to Scholarships offered to Sandhills Public Schools & Thedford High School seniors$250 to UCC Church in Halsey$500 to Blaine County Education Association$500 to Thedord Fire Department$250 to the Village of Halsey$3500 Halsey Elementary SchoolThe Loup 2 Loup is grateful to all those helping with this event and is delighted to give back to the local community organizations that help to make this area such a great place to live.The 2014 L2L Open Road Race will be held on August 7, 2014. If you would like to volunteer or become a sponsor please contact Board President Red Christensen at 308-533-2323.For additional information on the Loup 2 Loup Open Road Race please visit our web page at www.sorcrace.com/loup2loup