Mailer requesting $150 payment causes confusion

Nebraska Secretary of State

A mailer that has caused significant confusion in the past has resurfaced, prompting calls to the Secretary of State’s office for clarification. Sec. John Gale assures recipients that the notice did not originate from his office, which includes a requested payment of $150.

“The mailing has been timed to coincide with the filing of annual and biennial reports by foreign and domestic corporations as well as limited liability partnerships (LLPs),” explained Gale.

Elaborating further, Gale said the notice, which includes a form, instructions and payment information was mailed out by the Nebraska Council for Corporations, an organization that is not affiliated in any way with the Secretary of State’s office.

“My concern, and the source of the confusion, is that business entities believe that by enlisting the service of this company they are fulfilling the obligation required under state law to remain in good standing. That is not the case. Payment to this company does not preclude a business entity from filing separately with my office and paying the required fee.”

Corporations have until March 1 to submit their reports to the Secretary of State. The deadline is April 1 for LLPs. Letters have already been mailed to business entities that must file this year. They were on stationary bearing the state seal and Sec. Gale’s name.

“While some entities will file in person and by mail, the majority will do so online. That is still the easiest way to get this task completed.”

Links to the appropriate filing forms can be found on the front page of the Secretary of State’s website at

Anyone with questions or concerns about unusual business mailings or those requesting payments can direct inquiries to the State Attorney General’s office. Complaints can be filed directly at: