McFadden scores 28 with eight 3-pointers

HYANNIS -- Sandhills/ Thedford’s Kadi McFadden lit up the scoreboard with 28 points Saturday night against Hyannis. The most astonishing number was not the points but the number of 3-point shots McFadden made. Of McFadden’s 28 points, 24 came from behind the 3-point arc. McFadden had the shooters touch that led to her making 8 of 11 3-point attempts, 1 of 2 2-point attempts and she was 2 of 2 from the free throw line. These numbers add up to a 73 percent overall shooting performance. Not too bad for this junior who the night before scored two points on 1 of 8 shooting with no 3-pointers against Anselmo-Merna. After looking up the state records, Sandhills/Thedford’s coach Scott Leisy reported that McFadden’s eight 3-pointers broke the co-op record for most 3-pointers in a game. The Lady Knights, with the help of McFadden’s 28 points, jumped ahead of Hyannis early scoring 19 first quarter points while holding the Lady Longhorns to 6. Hyannis was able to stay close to the Lady Knights in the second quarter but the Lady Knights held a 31-16 halftime lead. The did not take the Lady Knights long to regain the momentum to begin the second half. The Lady Knights increased their lead to 46-19 at the end of the third quarter and slammed the door shut on their 10th win in the fourth quarter scoring 18 more points for a 64-29 victory. Following McFadden in scoring was Shelby Saner with 13 points, Tylee Coffman with 5, Michaela Miles 4, Jonnie Staub 4, Taylor Marten 3, Chantelle Milleson 3, Courtney Jameson 2, Kaitlin Marten 1 and Sarah Miles 1. Saner also led the Lady Knights with 12 rebounds, 5 steals and 4 assists. Against Anslemo-Merna Friday night, the Lady Knights faced a stronger test against the Loup Valley Conference foe. The Lady Knights claimed the lead early with a narrow 8-5 advantage. Both teams put 12 points on the scoreboard in the second quarter with the Lady Knights maintaining their 3-point lead over the Lady Coyotes. By the end of the third quarter, the Lady Knights were able to increase their lead to 33-27. The Lady Coyotes outscored the Lady Knights in the final quarter but the 1-point advantage was not enough to keep the Lady Knights from claiming their 9th win 43-38. Saner and Staub led the Lady Knights in scoring with 11 points each. They were followed by Coffman with 8 points, Jameson with 4, Milleson 3, McFadden 1, M. Miles 1 and S. Miles 1. The Lady Coyotes were led by Anna Finney’s 11 points and 11 rebounds. She was followed in scoring by Victoria Downey and Jessi Burnett with 8 points each, Julia Downey added 6 points and Sandie Hunt scored 5 points. The Lady Coyotes evened their season record with six wins and six losses with a 52-37 win over the Loup County Lady Wildcats Saturday night. The Lady Coyotes started and finished strong outscoring the Lady Wildcats 16-8 in the first quarter and 18-11 in the fourth quarter. The two teams were even in the scorebook each team scoring 7 points in the second quarter and 11 points in the third quarter. Three Lady Coyotes reached double-digits in scoring. Julia Downey led the Lady Coyotes with 16 points followed by Finney with 14, Burnett 11, Hunt 8, V. Downey 2 and Kassie Russell 1. The Lady Coyotes added to their dominance in the middle with Finney grabbing 16 rebounds while Burnett grabbed 13. The Lady Wildcats were led in scoring by Shayna Dunbar and Monica Keith with 11 points each. They were followed by Hannah Meeks with 6 points, Haylee Jordan 3, Shiann Tucker 3, Beth Gideon 2 and Carlee Meeks 1.North Central 35Loup County 26 TAYLOR -- The Loup County Wildcats allowed North Central 10 points in each of the first two quarters to trail 20-13 at halftime. The pace of the game continued in the second half with North Central outscoring the Lady Wildcats 15-13 for a 35-26 final score. Meeks led the Lady Wildcats in scoring with 11 points followed by Katelyn Tucker with 10, Dunbar 6, Keith 3 and Jordan 1.Ansley 58Sargent 39 SARGENT -- Last Thursday, the Ansley Lady Warriors got off to a hot start shooting the ball as they put 23 points on the scoreboard in the first quarter while holding Sargent Lady Bulldogs to 10 points. The Lady Warriors then outscored the Lady Bulldogs 15-8 in the second quarter to take commanding 38-18 lead at halftime. The second half was a lot closer with the Lady Bulldogs winning the second half 21-20 but losing the game 58-39. Siera Rohde led the Lady Warriors with 23 points, Katie Drake scored 19. Also scoring for Ansley were Tazalea Scott and Taylor Rohde with 6 points each followed by Chelsea Entz with 2, Kate Watts 1 and Kathleen Ryan 1. The Lady Bulldogs were led by Jamie Kirwan’s 16 points followed by Kelsey Frink with 9, Alex Hart 7, Rebecca Davenport 4, Josie Simmons 2 and Tristan Kirwan 1.Ansley 56Spald/Sp. Academy 41 ANSLEY -- The Lady Warriors were challenged throughout the first half and Spalding/Spalding Academy was able to take a 24-23 lead at halftime last Friday night. The Lady Warriors increased their defensive pressure in the second half to force some easy baskets and a big fourth quarter run. The Lady Warriors outscored the Lady Knights 33-17 and pulled away for the 56-41 win. Drake and T. Rohde led the Lady Warriors in scoring with 14 points each followed by S. Rohde with 13, Ryan 7, Watts 4, Scott 2 and Courtney Marsh 2.Ansley 53Litchfield 31 LITCHFIELD -- The Lady Warriors jumped out to a 30-12 halftime lead then increased it to 44-15 at the end of the third quarter. The Litchfield Lady Trojans scored 16 points in the final quarter but were unable to come back from Ansley’s large lead. Ansley claimed their 11th win with the 53-31 victory. The Lady Warriors were led by Drake who scored 13 points followed by Ryan with 12, Watts 10, T. Rohde 6, S. Rohde 5, Scott 3, Kara Ostrand 2 and Entz 2. The Lady Trojans were led in scoring by Taylor Pickar with 9 points followed by Bridgette Janssen with 8, Kelsey Unick 4, Tiana Stithem 4, Hope Downer 2, Falicia Shepardson 2 and Kate Sweley 2.Sargent 42North Central 29 SARGENT -- The Sargent Lady Bulldogs picked up their 8th win with a 42-29 home victory over North Central last Saturday night. The Lady Bulldogs built an 8-point lead at halftime then put the game out of reach in the fourth quarter outscoring North Central 13-7. The Lady Bulldogs were led in scoring by J. Kirwan with 11 points followed by Simmons with 9, Hart 8, Davenport 6, Frink 4, T. Kirwan 2 and Madison Kozeal 2.Arcadia 43SEM 41 ARCADIA -- The Arcadia Lady Huskies stunned the SEM Lady Mustangs Jan. 8. The Lady Mustangs held a 27-21 halftime advantage and also led 38-33 after the third quarter. The Lady Huskies then outscored the Lady Mustangs 10-3 in the final quarter highlighted by Darian Williams’ 3-point shot with 0:40 to give the Lady Huskies the 43-41 win. Sapphire Sillivan and Shayla Trotter each recorded a double-double in the game. Sillivan scored a game 20 points and grabbed 22 rebounds while Trotter scored 10 points with 11 rebounds. Also scoring for the Lady Huskies were Darian Williams with 8 points, Gabi Ritz with 3 and Alesha Hall 2. The Lady Mustangs were led by Megan Berg with 14 points followed by Sara Simmons with 13, Tabitha Anderson 9, Deidra Brooks 3 and Lauren Ibach 2.SEM 56Litchfield 37 LITCHFIELD -- The SEM Lady Mustangs outscored the Litchfield Lady Trojans 19-5 in the second quarter to take a 27-13 lead at halftime. The Lady Mustangs increased the lead to 45-23 after three quarters. The Lady Trojans last quarter attempt to close the lead was not enough as the Lady Mustangs rolled to the 56-37 win. Berg scored 18 points to lead the Lady Mustangs, she was followed in scoring by Simmons with 16, Anderson 14, Miranda Pierce 4, Brooks 2 and Nissa Brown 2. The Lady Trojans were led in scoring by Downer with 11 points followed by Shepardson with 6, Pickar 6, Alivia Wardyn 4, Unick 4, Janssen 4 and Stithem 2.SEM 44Pleasanton 28 PLEASANTON -- The Lady Mustangs took away any chance of Pleasanton winning the game early outscoring the Lady Bulldogs 19-8 in the first quarter. The Lady Mustangs increased the lead to 16 in the second half and held on for the 44-28 win. SEM’s Simmons led all scores with a game high 25 points. Anderson added 9 points, Brooks 6 and Berg 4 for the Lady Mustangs.North Loup-Scotia 42Arcadia 35 ARCADIA -- The Lady Huskies had their two game winning streak snapped at the hands of North Loup-Scotia 42-35. Scoring for the Lady Huskies were Trotter with 14 points followed by Sillivan with 9, Ritz 7 and Williams 3.Arcadia 36SMC 29 ARCADIA -- The Arcadia Lady Huskies were behind by 7 points with 3:00 left in the game then Williams and Demi Dorsey each scored a with a 3-point shot down the stretch. The Lady Huskies sealed the game when Ritz and Trotter went 5 of 6 from the free throw line in the final minute for the 36-29 win. Trotter led the Lady Huskies with 15 points followed by Ritz with 7, Williams 6, Dorsey 5 and Sillivan 3.N. Platte St. Pat’s 49Mullen 33 NORTH PLATTE -- The Mullen Lady Broncos struggled for three quarters scoring 11 points to St. Pats’ 30. The Lady Broncos were able to get into a scoring rhythm in the fourth quarter with 22 points but were unable to keep St. Pat’s from scoring 19 for the 49-33 loss. Mardee Sierks led the Lady Broncos with 14 points.Mullen 50SMC 37 MULLEN -- The Lady Broncos held a 21-18 halftime advantage then outscored Stapleton/McPherson County 29-19 in the second half for the 50-37 win. Sierks scored 20 points to lead the Lady Broncos. Madison Tomlinson added 10 points in the win.Mullen 61Arthur County 19 ARTHUR -- The Lady Broncos dominated Arthur County outscoring the Lady Wolves 21-2 in the first quarter and 33-8 in the final two quarters for the 61-19 win. Sierks scored 19 points to lead the Lady Broncos. Maxwell 64South Loup 38 ARNOLD -- The South Loup Lady Bobcats continue to struggle finding a win. Maxwell outscored the Lady Bobcats 37-19 in the first half and increased that lead to 64-38 at the games end. Trisha Hendricks led the Lady Bobcats with 16 points followed by Kristina Allen with 5, Kailey Loper 5, Michaela Weverka 4, Michala Dockweiler 2, Dani Hendricks 2, Britni Patterson 2, Kali Blevins 1 and Jenna Hoesel 1.Brady 65South Loup 22 ARNOLD -- The Brady Lady Eagles outscored the Lady Bobcats 35-9 in the first half and 30-13 in the second to hand South Loup their 11th loss of the season. Hendicks, again, led the Lady Bobcats in scoring with 9 points followed by Dockweiler with 4, Allen 2, Blevins 2, Patterson 2, Hoesel 2 and Alex Weinman 1.