Multiple units respond to grass fire south of Westerville

Staff Writer

Multiple units were still on the scene of a grass file a mile south of Westerville on the east side of Hwy 183 at 1:30 p.m.

Landowner Tom Bailey said he saw units from Ansley, Ord, Broken Bow, Burwell, Anselmo and Sargent. "I know I didn't see them all," he said.

Bailey estimated that the fire burned about 100 acres of soybean stubble and maybe that same acreage of a neighbor's grassland. Bailey said he was amazed the soybean stubble was able to sustain a fire but it did and it moved rapidly in the wind.

The cause of the fire was trash Bailey burned Thursday (Nov. 23, 2017). He thought the fire was out however, high winds fanned it up Friday afternoon. "It was stupidity on my part," he said.

Bailey said he first attempted to put it out but it moved too fast and he called it in. "I'm glad these guys came out," he said, gesturing to the fire crews at the scene.