NASCAR & corn farmers will make history at Daytona

Sunday, February 20 is a historic day as NASCAR begins using E15, a 15 percent corn ethanol blend, as its racing fuel. Late last year, NASCAR announced it would be switching to corn-based ethanol under the name Sunoco Green E15 for all three of its national racing series, including the Sprint Cup Series that kicks off with the Daytona 500.NASCAR racing teams make a big investment in engines and they are fully confident in the clean burning fuel powering their cars. As a corn farmer, it makes me proud to see NASCAR demonstrate confidence in our homegrown, renewable fuel. Considering EPA has approved the use of E15 for automobiles made in 2001 or newer, NASCAR’s switch could not have come at a better time.With support from farmers across the country, including Nebraska, the National Corn Growers Association has become an official partner of NASCAR. This partnership, known as American Ethanol, is an exciting opportunity. It means in addition to using corn ethanol, NASCAR will be promoting it, too. The Nebraska Corn Board, which administers corn check-off funds in Nebraska, has contributed funding through the National Corn Growers Association to support American Ethanol and the partnership with NASCAR.Nebraska is the third-largest producer of corn and the second-largest producer of ethanol in the country. When the green flag drops at Daytona, Nebraska’s corn farmers can be proud of their role in fueling NASCAR. Be sure to watch and see ethanol in action – coverage begins at noon on FOX.Sincerely,F. Jon HolzfasterMember of the Nebraska Corn BoardPaxton, NE