Nebraskaland Chiropractic celebrates groundbreaking Aug. 15 2017

Staff Writer

Nebraskaland Chiropractic, currently located at 932 S. E St. #2 in Broken Bow, is expected to move to a new location by the end of 2017. Owners Colby and Megan Howard are grateful for all of the support that they have received by friends and family. "When my wife (Megan) joined the practice it really started to grow," Colby said. "We were running out of room. This location came up and I have a lot of fond memories of it as a Dairy Corner."
Megan added, "We're just super excited that we finally got to this point." Construction is planned to begin tomorrow, Aug. 16, on the 2,600 square foot facility which will be located at 551 S E St. along Highway 2.