Negotiations at a standstill

Staff Writer

The Broken Bow School Board moved on with discussing strategic plan goals after negotiations with the BBEA (Broken Bow Education Association) came to a stand still at about 6:20 p.m. Monday Feb 5, 2018.

The teachers accepted 75 days accumulated sick days at $100 per day as offered by the board.

The original offer of the BBEA was the average base increase of the schools in the array less $240, which would result in an increase of approximately $300-$310.

After some discussion, the BBEA asked for a base pay increase of $250.

The board went into closed session a second time and returned with the same result which was no increase in the base pay.

Altig asked more than once if there was any more room for negotiation. "This is where we're at," Board president Carl French. Altig said, "Then we're talking in circles."

Altig said the BBEA doesn't want to spend tens of thousands of dollars (to go to arbitration). If an agreement is not reached by Thursday, Feb. 8, however, negotiations must go to arbitration.

French suggested people think about it, "kick it around," and send emails on what they are thinking.

Altig and the majority of teachers left the meeting shortly after.

The board turned to the next item on the agenda, discussing goals of the strategic plan with Dr. Virginia Moon.

French said commented later that no increase in base pay doesn't necessarily mean no increase in pay. Some teachers receive pay increases for years of service or education classes completed, he said.

Read more about the discussion in the Feb. 8 2018 issue of the Custer County Chief.