New member Country Music Hall of Fame

Arcadia native Sheila Greenland is a country gal. She’s has made her way in the music world to Nashville and back, and at the end of last month, was inducted into the Nebraska Country Music Foundation Hall of Fame. For a career that started at age 6 with appearances at the local music festivals, it’s been a long time coming. “I received a letter about a month and a half ago saying that I had been nominated,” said Sheila, from her home in Arcadia. “They wanted a bio, and I sent it in.” The panel must have liked what they saw, because on Oct. 19, at the Adams County Fairgrounds in Hastings, she joined Deb Bishop of Holdrege, T. Bill and Suzie Sterling and Tall Timer of Belleview, Big Al Weekley of Lexington, Kaleb Myers of Waverly and Nels Clang formerly of Anselmo as the 2013 Hall of Fame inductees. She giggles as she tells how she got started ... “It was so long ago - I’d go to music festivals and if my parents couldn’t take me, my grandmother would ... When I was 14, I met another gal who liked to sing, her dad used to be in a band, so we’d go to singles dances and sing at private events. It was a really good start because we got to see the yucky side of setting up and tearing down.” She headed into competitions as a young teen, winning numerous vocal competitions, including making it to the finals of TV’s ‘Nash-ville Star,’ always looking to gain experience, meet people and make connections. College followed her graduation from Arcadia High School and experience in show choir and musical theater. “I liked it, but I never fit in, it was too foreign, I loved it, but I clicked with the country music folks. At 18 she started her own band and has been making a living in music since. She lived and worked in Nashville for years, but now lives in Arcadia, and is thankful to have returned home. She teaches guitar and piano, and tours now with her own band and says she is so fortunate ... shes’s been with the same crew for five years. Her husband is her sound guy and their family their joy. Life is good in Arcadia.