New professional building breaks ground in Broken Bow

Monday was a special day for Chris Pearson and members of his family - the day it was announced his family’s legacy will live on. Ground was broken on the west edge of Broken Bow in a noon ceremony Monday for the new Lomax Professional Building. The building was designed by Chris, initially to provide office space for his wife, Becky. Becky is the owner/operator of Pearson Physical Therapy, PC in Broken Bow. Her office is temporarily located in Deb Bryner’s former embroidery shop on 9th Avenue, pending completion of the new building. The professional building is being built on property which has been in Chris’s family for more than 100 years. Virtually all the property on the west edge of Broken Bow, on both sides of the highway from the location of the new building to the curve to the west, and south to the tree dump, was homesteaded by Chris’s great-grandparents, the Lomax family. The family retained ownership of that property until 1990, with this piece of land remaining family owned. Until recently, the house where Chris grew up stood on the property. The house has been moved off so construction on the new building could begin. Besides Pearson Physical Therapy, PC, other space in the building has already been leased to several businesses. Solomon Family Dentistry will inhabit the west end of the building, while Nolan and Julie Hueftle and American Family Insurance - Jane Duda, will also relocate their offices to the building. Speech therapist Christy Gaffney will share office space with Becky. Chris says there is still about 400 square feet of space that is unspoken for, and he hopes to have that filled by the time the building is completed. Depending on the weather, he hopes to have the building finished and offices operational by late fall.