Pamida Bob takes one for the team

For a supervisor to offer extra incentive to his employees to get them to perform better is certainly not a new concept. However, Bob Davis, store manager of Pamida in Broken Bow, went one better. The Pamida company is sponsoring an 8-week friendly sales competition among its 200 stores. For each of those eight weeks the store with the largest increase in sales over the same time last year is declared that week’s winner - with each of the winning store’s team members receiving an additional $75 on their paycheck. To sweeten the pot, Bob told his team members that is the store won the contest three weeks in a row, he would let them shave his head. Not only did the team mates work extra hard to achieve that goal, but they also got the customers involved in the fun. “Our customers have gotten involved with this and have had a blast with it,” Bob laughs. When Pamida announced last week that the Broken Bow store was tops in sales during the first three weeks of the contest, Judy Brohman and Diana Berns immediately began making plans for Bob to fulfill his promise. Just before lunch Monday, the store manager lived up to his word - as Judy and Diana took turns with the shears. Bob says he has not promised any additional sacrifices for future weeks of the contest. However, the team mates have continued their winning efforts. At the end of the 8-week period the top two stores will each win additional prizes for all that stores team mates. Currently the Broken Bow store is number two. “It has just been a winning situation for everyone involved - our team mates, the company and our customers,” says a smiling - hairless - Bob.