'A Place Called Home' available now with the Dec. 14 2017 issue of the Custer County Chief

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Headlines in 'A Place Called Home' Dec 14, 2017

“I remember…” Centenarians and nonagenerians reminisce
Shining star from the Sandhills Tad Lucas
Burwell Hub a beacon for over 100 years
Schipporeit Ranch founded in 1880s
Fire lays ruin to south side of Square in 2007
A bank for a place called home for 100 years
Grange helps communities for 100 years
Stories exhumed from Custer County cemeteries
Broken Bow’s first football state championship team
Four Indians can reach basket
Comstock Pirates win 1947 Custer County championship
New game birds available to Nebraska hunters in 1947
1953 Westerville Basketball
Out of the Sod Basketball Program at Gates School
Woman coach sparks Six-Man Football at Dry Valley 1941
Pioneer brings bank to Broken Bow in a basket
Extension clubs social centers of rural Nebraska
The history of a house called home

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