Preliminary election results for local school boards

The polls are closed and the ballots are in, but election results are not final ... the following totals for the local school boards do not include provisional, paper or absentee ballots. Write-in votes are not included in these numbers except in Litchfield, where the addition of a write-in candidate may impact the outcome of the elections.

Preliminary local school board results include:

Anselmo-Merna School District 15 : Jason Chandler-445, Joel A. Bartak-406, Kevin Safranek-368, Joyce Christen-322

Ansley School District 44:  Jaimee Bailey-382, Neil Ostrand-377, Peter Cunningham-352, Janice Harrop-213

Arnold School District 89: Duane Bowers-318, Diana M. Coleman -295, Eric J. Nelson -231, Tammy D. Weinman -189, Holly Hormung-Remund -169, Bobbie Jo Christensen -104

Broken Bow School District 25: John Evans -1639, Kenneth J. Myers -1605,Michelle Zlomke -1457

Callaway School District 180: Curtis Stallbaumer- 503, Doug G’Schwind -496, Brenda Still -486

Sargent School District: Chandra L. Horky-347, Larry L. Gibbens -339, Matthew D. Smith -31, David D. Hansen -278

Arcadia School District 21: These numbers include the votes cast in Custer, Valley and Sherman counties: Bill Staab -121, Norman Sillivan -97, Jodi Bose -97,olene Greenland -152, John Maschka -157, Jess Trotter -148, Jamie Spencer-45

Thedford School District: Ronda Haumann 179 Bridget Licking 173 Matthew Miles 133 Loretta A. Hamilton 95 Lee Ray 86 Bill Taylor 83 Steve Ahlstrom 41 Dawn Haake 29

Sandhills Public Schools: These numbers include the votes cast in Blaine, Custer and Thomas counties Tedd N. Teahon -157, Michelle Milleson -138, Tyson Cox -181, Mat Zutavern -109

Mullen School District: These numbers include the votes cast in Hooker and Thomas counties Barb Svoboda -246 Denise Vinton -237 Lyle Phillips -229

Loup County Board of Education: Kent W. Lewis -282, Stacey Dunbar -232, Robert Christensen -218, Jolene Skalsky -135

Litchfield School District 15: These numbers include the votes cast in Loup and Custer counties Scott Paitz (write-in) -222, David C. Siegel -227, Eldon E. Epley -180, Jim Holm -191, Julia Fieldgrove -93, Chad Slocum (write in) -38. There were 28 additional write-in votes cast in Custer County

(Watch for additional updates, and don't miss this week's Custer County Chief for complete election results.)