President Obama in Omaha Jan. 13, 2016

Kurt Johnson/Aurora News-Register

President Barack Obama greeted the crowd after his hour-long speech
Jan. 13 at UNO's Baxter Arena, which had been dubbed "Baxter 1" for the
day. The president also took time during his visit to stop by the house
of a Papillion family, where a young mother had earlier written a letter
to her president expressing concern for the future and safety of her
young son.

Baxter Arena was a full house for the president, with an estimated
crowd of 11,000 filling the stands and arena floor. Obama called
attention to one sign he liked, which said, "Obamaha."

Not everyone at Baxter Arena agreed with the president. Several
peaceful protesters brought signs touting their concerns regarding trade
agreements and abortion.

President Barack Obama admitted that he was soundly defeated by
Nebraska voters in the 2012 election. "It was not pretty," he said. "But
I love Nebraska anyway."