Proposed child labor regulations withdrawn

Late in the day April 26th, the U.S. Department of Labor withdrew proposed regulations of Child Labor in Agriculture. Nebraska Cattlemen submitted comments in opposition to the proposed regulations last fall when they were first introduced. These comments were among thousands that the Department of Labor received.Nebraska Cattlemen also organized a coalition of agriculture associations and agriculture supporters to sign an open letter to the Secretary of Labor opposing the proposed Child Labor in Agriculture regulations. Nebraska Cattlemen opposed these regulations because rather than trying to understand agriculture and work to find safety solutions; the Department of Labor was opting, by regulation, to effectively prohibit young workers from being employed in agriculture at all."The withdrawal of the proposed child labor regulations comes as a relief to the farmers and ranchers in Nebraska because now they can continue to teach their children about the importance of agriculture through first hand experiences," states Jim Ramm, Nebraska Cattlemen President.Nebraska Cattlemen continued to work on this issue through the winter andspring by supporting federal legislation that would have halted theimplementation of these regulations. Nebraska Cattlemen also encouraged the Nebraska Congressional delegation to communicate with the Department of Labor just how unreasonable the regulations were.Nebraska Cattlemen, along with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association worked to give the beef producers in the state a voice and allow their children to work alongside them or with their neighbors as they learn more about agriculture.