Pulled in so many directions

Ever feel like life is running away from you or pulling you every which way? I think that's what constitutes a "normal" day for me. Which raises many questions, primarily, what am I to do with my life?So, I'll put it out there for you, the readers. I work part-time at one job, see private patients at my practice, coach in the spring - and I'm a full-time mommy of 2. Many times I've thought of dropping one job or another...yep, even being a mommy is stressful and, while I'd never give up my children, I think back to the days known as BC (before children). It was easier back then! Less excitement, whining, crying, cuddling, laughter and love, for sure, but easier!But here's the rub...each of my jobs provides me with something I crave. My part-time job allows me to interact with other adults and expand my creativity. My private practice is, well, what I've wanted to do for a long time. Coaching is my instant-gratification - when I want a kid to make a change in their technique, they do it. And being a mommy, well, that's priceless.So, if I give up my part-time job, I think I could go a little loony. I also know myself well enough to know I'm not made for the home life...I'm too active. Also, it's the time-constraints and finding a babysitter for my private patients in the afternoon which causes a lot of stress. My husband and I have the luxury of scheduling our jobs, but most of our clients don't want to meet before school. Makes sense, but it's hard to find sitters! And coaching, yes, I survived for, oh, 2-3 years without being involved in track in some way, but it would be hard to pull away completely. I love the kids, the excitement and the joy of pushing a kid farther than they thought possible and watching him/her succeed at it, and the sport itself!Being a mother comes first in everything. It surrounds every other aspect of my life...and I'm told it will continue forever, no matter the age of the children. So, what do you think? What are your experiences with working in or out of the home?