Put me in coach

Hey guys, just in case you didn’t catch Ellen’s article on the front page, I’m going to take this opportunity to further introduce myself. I recently took over as the sports editor for the Chief and I’ll tell you I’m thrilled to be here. Unlike Dennis Driscoll, the former sports editor, I didn’t go to high school here. All of your faces and names are going to be new to me. I’m originally from Omaha. I grew up there and graduated from Millard North High School. Needless to say this small town is a definite switch for me, but I find it starting to grow on me already. As Sports editor, I look forward to getting to know as many athletes, coaches and non-athletes as I possibly can.. To me that means getting to know you as people as well as athletes. There are going to be things that are new to me and things that are going to take me some time to learn. All I ask is for patience and time. I’ll get the hang of everything eventually. I worked for a daily campus newspaper at Iowa State before taking the job with the Chief. While covering college sports is fun and exciting, high school sports brings a different kind of excitement for me. I’ve grown to love high school sports because it provides an arena where I get to experience boys and girls grow into men and women. Watching athletes pour their hearts and souls into something they love is truly a refreshing experience. I’ve already gotten the sense of how important high school sports are to this community and it is truly a blessing to be a part of it. Through sports, I’ve seen triumph and I’ve also seen heartbreak. From experiencing Millard North’s baseball team going 35-0 and winning a state title in 2006 to watching the football team fumble away a shot at a state title shot of their own in 2007, I’ve seen both ends of the spectrum. Whether is the swish of a ball going through the net or a crack of the bat, sports are something I really couldn’t imagine living without. I’m perfectly willing to admit that I’m obsessed with sports. I’m looking forward to sharing that obsession with each and every one of you.