Railroad crossing at Andersons to stay open

The Anselmo community asked that the train crossing be left open, and Burlington Northern Santa Fe has agreed.The general consensus of opinion following a community meeting in Anselmo last week was made perfectly clear as each of the following entities spoke up: The Anselmo Fire Department, Merna Rescue, The Anselmo Township Board, and The Andersons, Inc. Each wanted the crossing left open.Erin Lampe, Senior Account Representative for The Andersons related that the meeting with BNSF went well. A crossing will remain at that location, but there will be a few changes. The crossing will be moved approximately 50 yards, and the entrance will be made perpendicular to Nebraska Highway 2. During the community meeting, safety concerns were expressed about the crossing as it sits today, but the the idea of having it closed scared the community even more. The Andersons, Inc. were speaking on behalf of the huge inconvenience to their customers should the crossing close, and the economic burden to try and approach the facility from any other direction. They expect 80-90 percent of the grain to arrive via State Highway 2. The added emergency response time should the crossing be closed was a major concern all around. It is expected at this time, that lights will be installed.