Reader applauds choice for Fair Grounds Manager

To the Custer County Ag Society ... First of all-kudos to you all for making a great choice in a fairgrounds manager. I regret that I am unable to attend your meeting, due to prior commitments with my family, but I wanted to voice my support for what he has done so far. It started the week prior to the barrel race April 5,. I called to see what his time frame was for preparing the ground – so that if I haul into town to practice – I wouldn’t waste a trip only to see ripped ground that was left open – and unusable. He assured me that the ground was ready for me to practice on and welcomed feedback about how I felt the ground conditions were. As a “customer” of the fairgrounds – I felt appreciated because he wanted my input. When I pulled in, I noticed there was new dirt hauled by the indoor arena to help with water drainage – good job Jack and Toby. Hopefully we will get some rain this year to see that it will help get the water moving away from the building. Then I was also impressed with the track worked up. The track conditions have been rock hard in recent years and I felt if I were to breeze my horse – I risked injuring him. As a competitor, I enjoy taking my horse out on the track to help prepare him by breezing him out and clearing my mind – so this was a welcomed sight. The barrel race Friday night was a huge success. There were 140 entries total in all classes, with an abundance of exhibitions. This caused the race to start late – but it was not because the arena or ground was not ready – it was delayed only because of the shear numbers of people trying to enter and ready their horses. I heard no gripes about ground conditions – and with a bunch of barrel racers that is really an accomplishment! He was there if any needs arose, and handled them promptly. There was some “buzz” about a few of the fair board members not being supportive of “the new guy,” which disappoints me. You hired him to do a job – now allow him to do that job. He may do things differently. He may not use the same people, but that isn’t a bad thing. You needed a change in here! “If you always do what you’ve always done, then you will always be what you have always been.” The Custer County Fairgrounds has been in trouble over the past few years. I encourage you to think of why you are on the fair board – is it to help keep this fair grounds alive and prosper – or for your own agenda? If you are waiting for Toby to fail – you as a fair board fail. Get behind him and support him – so we can all succeed and have a great place for events.Becky PearsonBroken Bow