Recall signatures filed with Custer County Clerk Aug. 18, 2017

Staff Writer

Recall petitions for Broken Bow School Board members JB Atkins and Carl French have been filed with the Custer County Clerk in Broken Bow, Custer County Clerk Constance Gracey confirmed.

Shortly before 4 pm., Drew Schendt told the Chief that 519 signatures were collected for the recall of Atkins and 550 were collected for Carl French. Schendt filed affidavits for recalls for both June 26.

The Custer County Clerk has 15 days in which to verify the signatures as valid voting members of the Broken Bow School District.

If enough signatures are verified (454), the Clerk will notify Atkins, French and the Broken Bow School Board. The school board would then schedule a recall election, no less than 30 days but no more than 75 days, after the notifications are received.

The school board will set the recall election date.

Gracey said the recall election will cost between $5,000 - $7,000.

No one filed affidavits to remove their signatures from the petitions, Gracey said. Such affidavits would have had to been filed before the petitions were filed.