Record big game harvests for 2016, upland game shooting hours survey

Nebraska Game and Parks

Record numbers for big game
Big game hunters had a record year in Nebraska in 2016 with all-time high harvest marks set for mule deer bucks, cow elk and total elk.

Deer: A total of 58,126 deer were harvested in 2016, including 11,184 mule deer. Mule deer buck harvest increased 4 percent to 9,257, breaking the previous record set in 2009. Record mule deer buck harvest occurred in the Frenchman, Plains, Platte and Upper Platte units. Whitetail harvest totaled 46,942 deer, including 27,241 bucks.

Elk: Total elk harvest of 200 also set a record in 2016, primarily due to cow elk harvest of 112. Bull elk harvest was 88, down from 105 in 2015, but included the largest bull ever taken in Nebraska.

Pronghorn: Total pronghorn harvest was 926, including 781 adult bucks. Buck harvest over the past seven years is the highest on record.

Survey on upland game shooting hours
The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is surveying hunters and other interested parties about their views and preferences as part of an evaluation of upland game shooting hours.

To take the survey, visit In addition, anyone who purchased a hunting (small game) license in 2016 and did not receive an invitation to participate in the annual hunter success survey can access it at

Shooting hours are the time of day when legal hunting can start and by which time hunting must end during the hunting season. Upland game includes species such as pheasant, quail, prairie chicken, sharp-tailed grouse, dove, rail, snipe, woodcock, partridge, cottontail and squirrel. Wild turkey and waterfowl are not included.