Russell Title and Escrow set to have new owner

Russell Title and Escrow in Broken Bow is on the move. After 32 years in the Abstract and Title business, Carla Allen is selling the business and moving into retirement.She is pleased with the decision and is looking forward to ‘actually having time’ to attend her grandchildren’s activities, spend time at Plum Creek Canyon, and to winter in Florida.Russell Title and Escrow is being purchased by John Sennett, Jim Duncan, Julianna Jenkins and Sadye Flynn. The closing is planned for Oct. 1. By that date, Sennett said they hope to have the business moved into its new headquarters, in the Sennett, Duncan and Jenkins law building on South D StreetThe plans also includes bringing with the business everyone who is currently working there. Sadye Flynn from the Sennett, Duncan and Jenkins Law Office will take on the responsibilities of office manager, and Amanda Kollars will join as the ‘closer.’“We’re excited,” said Sennett Tuesday evening. “Carla has built a highly respected title company. We are appreciative of the opportunity.”Allen says she is equally appreciative of the opportunity presented to her by Alma Leigh over 40 years ago. Alma started the business in 1969, said Allen. She asked Carla if she would type at home, Carla had babies at the time, and thought the plan would work.As Alma got busier and busier, Carla became busier as well.“I went to work the first day in her kitchen as they were working on getting the office ready,” said Allen. The business was called Lee’s Abstract Service at the time. It later became Leigh and Russell Abstract and Title when Carla bought the business in 1980. Alma stayed on to work for Carla, helping out and making sure the transition went smoothly, much like Carla plans to do with the transition taking place at present. She plans to stay on as long as there is a need.“The work has been most gratifying,” said Allen. “Abstracting is so interesting.”Because Abstracting and Title work is deeply embedded in the law, she feels that the association with a law office will make a perfect fit. the laws are ever changing. “It dove-tails nicely,” said Sennett.Sadye has had two-three years of experience working in the law office and is a paralegal, said Sennett. We bring the economics of having three of the four owners being lawyers. If there is a question, they only have to open up the door and walk down the hall. An additional part of the equation lies in economic development and providing opportunities for the transitions of business ownership.The new owners felt it extremely important to keep the business locally owned, locally operated, and to help pass it to the next generation of entrepreneurs.“Carla and her business have been a mainstay of this community,” said Sennett. “We thank her for the opportunity.”“I have appreciated how Broken Bow and Custer County have been supportive of this business,” said Allen. “I am so appreciative of the banks, and the attorneys, and the realtors, and the people in general. I am also appreciative of Alma Lee. She took me in and supported me every step of the way. She was a great partner and is a great friend. Thank you.” In the meantime ... there are over 10,000 files that will need to be moved to their new home.