School has started! Watch for students, buses

Staff Writer

Students are headed back to school and that means that drivers need to use extra caution and be on the lookout for school buses.

“Our number one concern is the students’ safety,” Broken Bow Chief Steve Scott said. “Our officers will be patrolling school zones and enforcing traffic laws.”

Broken Bow Police Officer Shane Fiorelli reminds drivers to pay close attention as students learn their new routes to school. “Children are unpredictable and more difficult to see,” he said. “Motorists need to slow down and be alert. You might want to plan ahead and give yourselves a little extra time to reach your destination.”

Officer Fiorelli reminds drivers of these traffic laws:

Obey speed limits as posted and watch for flashing lights at school crossings.

Always give students and any other pedestrians the right-of-way in crosswalks.

Never pass a school bus with the stop arm extended. It has always been illegal to pass a school bus with stop arm extended, but a Nebraska law effective July 2012 increased the penalties. Failing to stop from either direction for a school bus with stop arm extended is now punishable with a maximum fine of $500 and loss of three points on the driver’s license.