Slow Down: Council wants speed limit lowered

Broken Bow may see some ‘speed’ relief off State Highway 2 at the west edge of town.The city limits have changed and the Broken Bow City Council has hopes the State Department of Roads will allow the speed limit to be lowered from 65 to at least 45 beginning at the new city limits, now located at the west edge of the Trotter property. The Council directed City Manager Tony Tolstedt to write the appropriate letter and gather the necessary documentation to prove their case. The city’s case with the Nebraska Department of Roads has to be proved, said Council President Scott Spanel. The speed limit is now 65 to the college driveway and it will take some effort to educate the public. The council formally authorized Tolstedt to ask the state to lower the speed limit “as much as possible”The discussion of traffic concerns was brought to council by City Zoning Administrator Cindy Pearson. “Hopefully we can get the traffic slowed down, at least a little,” she said.“When we annex, we should be showing the state the info at the same time.” Also brought before the city council at Monday's meeting, the final plat of the College Park Sub-Division was approved, but with the stipulation that the engineering on the streets meet city specifications.With the approval of the plat map, the city takes over the care of the streets within the division, including snow removal, but not the snow removal for the parking stalls.“I have a problem with the request. How are you going to coordinate the cleaning of the streets and parking stalls?” asked Broken Bow Mayor Cecil Burt.Concerns with the plat map as proposed dealt with the makeup of the streets and curbs and if they met with the state and city specifications. The specifications will be requested from engineering firm. Attorney John Sennett pointed out that city regulations say there will be no private streets within Broken Bow, private driveways and gated communities excluded, and that he felt the council’s concerns were misplaced. “If a street can’t be private, then it has to be public ... You can’t have a private street by your own rules ... This is not a private endeavor. The college campus houses a community college and will house the ASCS Office and a bank ... How do you justify the revenue the city receives? There was a $12,000 tax bill for the property before the college was compete ... They built a beautiful facility and are coming in with a completed project.”Following discussion, the council voted to approve the final plat when and if the requested engineering is supplied. In other business the council and mayor: • Approved a pay request to Carrothers Construction in the amount of $72,517 for work completed to date at the Broken Bow Aquatic Facility. • Appointed Terry Glaze, Randall Peterson, Butch McGinn and Cindy Pearson to the Airport Zoning Authority. • Appointed Doug Staab as the city’s representative on the MEAN Management Committee/ACE Board, NMPP Members Council and MEAN Board. Dennis Brakeman was appointed as the alternate. • Opted to reserve a booth at the 2012 Town and Country, Farm and Home Show. Pearson volunteered to man the booth for the day, and Spanel volunteered to help. • Accepted a quote from Holloway Electric for $2,543.38 for three hanging heaters to be placed in the Melham Complex Building. • Received a formal request from the Park Board to revisit the rental policy of the park shop building. It is the Park Board’s feeling that the ultimate decision should be deferred to the City Council. No action was taken. The decision item will be placed on the agenda for the next meeting. • Approved two requests from Police Chief Steve Scott, the first for the purchase of two new police vehicles as the last new patrol unit was purchased in 2004. Funding was allotted through the budget process. • The second request was for a policy to be placed in the Department Policy Manual for vehicle check stops. Scott said this is not something that would be all of the time, but there are times when the policy would be helpful when the State Patrol asks for their help.