Snow storm brings much needed moisture

It was predicted to be a massive winter storm, with forecasters calling for a foot of snow or more, coupled with strong winds, for much of the Chief coverage area. As the storm made its way across Nebraska Friday and Saturday, those predictions came true in some areas and fell short in others. Meteorologists were so sure of their forecast, that many area schools were prompted to cancel classes and postpone events Friday. The LVC wrestling tournament, for example, which had been scheduled for Friday in Broken Bow got pushed up to Thursday in light of the impending storm. The storm moved into the area early Friday morning and brought very heavy snow to some locations, while Broken Bow just had rain throughout the majority of the day. Some of the heaviest snowfall occurred over McPherson and Logan counties, in association with a nearly stationary band of heavy now that remained in place for well over 12 hours Friday. It was early evening before the snow began accumulating on the ground in Broken Bow, while communities to our west and north received heavy snow all day. For some, the snow meant back-breaking scooping. For others, it meant sledding and snowball fights. All, however, agreed on one thing - the snow brought much needed moisture. Below is a sampling of snowfall amounts through 10 a.m. Sunday morning, as compiled by the National Weather Service in North Platte. 15 miles northwest of Stapleton - 20 inches 5 miles west of Stapleton - 15 inches 15 miles north-northeast of North Platte - 12 inches Thedford - 9.5 inches Arnold - 8 inches Ansley - 8 inches 9 miles northwest of Anselmo - 7.5 inches 8 miles west-southwest of Callaway - 4 inches 4 miles north-northeast of Berwyn - 4 inches Litchfield - 8.5 inches Merna - 6.05 inches Gothenburg - 5.75 inches Berwyn - 5.5 inches Lexington - 4 inches There was no official report from the Weather Service for the city of Broken Bow listed, however KCNI radio reported about 4 inches. It was also noted that due to how quickly the snow was melting, it was extremely difficult to measure. Some residents in Broken Bow reported measuring as much as 5 and 6 inches. Either way, the Custer County seat ended up with well below the predicted foot of snow, which undoubtedly made the road crews smile almost as big as the kids we found playing in the snow.