South D may be open by June 17

Staff Writer

South D Street from 8th Avenue to 9th Avenue (the north side of the Square) may be re-open to traffic by June 17.

According to Jake Vava, JEO Project Engineer, Myers Construction continues to pave South D and the majority of the paving will be complete Wednesday, June 8

"The brick layers will be in next week to lay the brick on South D street from 8th to 9th Avenue. It is possible that the brick will be complete on South D from 8th to 9th Avenue by the end of next week, and will be open to traffic," Vava said.

Myers Construction is stacking bricks salvaged from 9th Avenue south of South D street (west side of the Square) with that section scheduled for full removal tomorrow (June 9), Vava said. Paving has started on 9th Avenue north of South D Street with the water and storm sewer work there being completed last week.