Spring into action

I came to the realization that I am ready for spring...right after the first snow storm! I love the snow and used to be very good at carving out sculptures, but I've found the responsibilities of adulthood somewhat more boring when it comes to snow. Shoveling, compliance with ordinances, paying for snow removal, going to work (what ever happened to a snow day?), etc.I love spring because it involves one of my favorite sports seasons - track. Yep, I'm one of those crazy people who liked to run, so long as it was a sprint! I had the honor of competing at the collegiate level, as well as coaching for several years. Upon moving to Broken Bow, I was asked to help with the junior high. What a change going from college athletes to jr. high! But I loved it! Contrary to rumors and stereotypes, most jr. high kids are ready and willing to listen and learn. I find them eager to try new things. They haven't developed some of the bad habits that high school and college athletes think will "improve" their athletic ability.So don't be surprised if my next few weeks' blogs are consumed by track. And hopefully the weather cooperates!!!!!