Steckler to retire as Melham Medical Center President/CEO

Melham Medical Center Press Release

The Board of Directors of the Jennie M. Melham Memorial Medical Center (JMMMC) is announcing the upcoming planned retirement of long time President/CEO Michael J. Steckler. Steckler has served as the President/CEO of the Medical Center since July 23, 1985 and recently shared his retirement plans with the Board. Steckler has agreed to provide the Board of Directors with six months or more of notice prior to his retirement and will work closely with the Board in their efforts to recruit and hire a replacement CEO.

The Board of Directors has engaged a regional executive recruitment firm to assist them with the CEO recruitment search process. This process is now underway and is expected to take five to six months. It is expected that a new CEO will be hired and on-board at JMMMC by the first of the year. Steckler will stay on in his role as CEO until the new CEO arrives. Steckler will remain on staff to provide a transition period for the CEO. This transition will provide an opportunity to introduce the new CEO to staff members, stakeholders and key constituents in the community.

JMMMC has experienced much growth and expansion of programs, services and facilities during Steckler’s 32 year tenure as President/CEO. The facility has grown from a 90,000 square foot building complex to an 180,000 square foot campus consisting of a hospital, medical clinic, and apartment complex and wellness center. A project to expand the hospital’s emergency facilities was completed in 2015. A project to convert the empty attached nursing home building into a modern new medical clinic is now underway. Steckler has been asked by the Board to stay on to complete the medical clinic construction project. This project will be completed in early 2018.