Sunshine Library still going strong

MASON CITY - - For nearly a century, adults and children alike have utilized the Sunshine Library in Mason City - both as a place to get good books to read, and a place to just hang out. For many of those years, Joan Cox served the community as the trustworthy librarian. When Joan recently retired from the many duties she took on in the Mason City community, it became necessary for others to step to the plate and take over some of those responsibilities. One of those is the library, and Donna Zimmer and Loretta Lovitt are two of the local volunteers who have agreed to take on the task. The Sunshine Library was started by the community’s Sunshine Club, and is still maintained in part by funds from that club. Donna is the current president of the Sunshine Club, which still supports the library and holds their meetings there. Donna says the Board of the Sunshine Club is working on some new ideas for the library, such as instituting a book club and/or a game night. The club is also working on ideas for fundraisers for improvements to the library. Loretta Lovitt is president of the Library Board, and volunteers many hours to working on reorganizing and sprucing up the library. One recently completed project has been the refinishing of an old table in the library. Loretta says she remembers sitting at the table as a teenager, and her kids used to sit at the same table and read while she was across the street playing cards or attending a meeting. The Sunshine Library holds many fond memories for the residents of Mason City, and it is their goal to keep the spirit of the library alive for future generations. This year’s summer reading program hosted 18 children. The library is currently open Wednesday evenings from 4-7 p.m., and Donna and Loretta are looking at possibly adding some Saturday hours to the schedule. They are also planning an open house for the library some time this month. If you would like to know more about the Mason City Sunshine Library, call Donna Zimmer at 870-1340 or Loretta Lovitt at 732-3326.