Super Kids’ spectacular summer

The Super Kids Club has had a phenomenal summer. The summer program has been active for years but they’ve added something a bit different into this summer’s line-up. Four, week-long, camps have been hosted though-out the summer focusing on Music, Technology, Art and Cooking. For two hours each day, children of different age groups were given the opportunity to experiment with these different activities. Children entering the 3-5 grades participate on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays while the younger kids, K-2, were given similar opportunities on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Carmen Bumgarner of the Tumbleweed and Donna Wimbolt were the ring leaders of the cooking segment. The activities were adjusted for the different age groups, for example, during the cooking week, the older group made pancakes on Wednesday while the younger set made “Chicken Feed” (a trail mix) on Tuesday. “I really wanted to give them the opportunity to explore and express themselves,” said Christine Wieter of her art segment, “I’d do it again if they asked me to.” Wieter ran the arts section, and she introduced different artists and types of art to the attending children, who got to experiment with different materials like clays and paints. The camps aren’t the only activities available with Super Kids Club. The Club members frequent the pool each Tuesday and take many other field trips to other places including Westside Bakery, Golden Living Center, Redline Equipment, the Hospital and Runza. When the kids aren’t gallivanting about the pool or exploring Broken Bow, there are a plethora of activities. From science experiments to reading activities, the children are kept well entertained throughout the summer. When summer is over and Super Kids Club returns to a before and after school care center, the focus will shift back towards academics. Both tutors and homework help are available to the children once they return to school. But the summer’s not over yet, and Super Kids Club still has plans. July 27 was ‘Pajama Day.” “The kids loved being able to run around in their PJ’s all day, they thought it was a hoot!” said Nancy Ferguson, Executive Director for sponsoring organization, Central Plains Center for Services Services. The Super Kids Club’s last Summer day is August 17. The Club is very lenient through-out the school year and during the summer, as working with parent’s schedules is an important aspect in any child-care business. The Super Kids Club is directed towards kids who have surpassed acceptable or convenient daycare age, but still need entertainment after school hours. “Our biggest priority is to make sure that the children are safe,” Mary Randell commented. The Super Kids Club wants to extend their thanks to Dr. Virginia Moon, former Broken Bow schools superintendent, and Kim Jonas, grade school principal, for all of their assistance, the school for providing a place to host the Club, and above all, the parents for entrusting their children to the Super Kids Club.