Taylor hangs out the welcome sign for butterflies

TAYLOR - - Did you know that the Village of Taylor is home to one of the only Certified Butterfly Gardens in the area? The Butterfly Garden is located south of the Taylor Visitor Center and surrounds the old jalopy that draws many visitors to stop and explore. The Butterfly Garden is certified by the North American Butterfly Association and has been certified since 2011. A Butterfly Garden creates an environment for butterflies to thrive in and encourages habitat for pollinators. Three main steps need to be taken in order to create a certified Butterfly Garden. * Step 1 is to design a garden with at least three native plants useful to pollinators. * Step 2 is to plant at least three adult and larval pollinator food plants. * Step 3 is to plan to control weeds and pests without harming pollinators. The benefit of creating a Butterfly Garden is the attraction of more pollinators as there has been a decrease in different native species of pollinators over the years as the landscape has changed and developed and pesticides have been misused. A pollinator, in very simple terms, is an agent that moves pollen from one area to another. Some crops, such as fruit crops, alfalfa, and sunflowers, to name a few, depend on pollinators to produce a profitable crop. The most common pollinators are various species of bees. A Butterfly Garden is designed to encourage pollinators. Some of the plants used at the Taylor Butterfly Garden include Day Lilies,Yarrow, Penstemon, Sedum, Daisies, and Zinnias. Shallow water dishes are set out for the butterflies with a mud mixture in the dishes so they have something solid to stand on, or leaves can also be added to a bird bath to give support while getting a drink. Rocks are scattered throughout the garden so the butterflies have a place for sunning themselves which allows their wings to spread out and gain circulation before flying. Butterflies are more common mid-summer to fall. A few of the species of butterflies that have been sighted at the Taylor Butterfly Garden are Monarchs, Cabbage Butterflies, Painted Lady, Clouded Sulphur, and Blue Azure. Butterfly enthusiasts will enjoy visiting the Butterfly Garden at the Taylor Visitor Center and seeing what species of butterflies they can discover. The Butterfly Garden is also another tourist attraction that we can offer visitors to our area.A Butterfly Garden Tour was held in Taylor on July 9th and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. The tour focused on providing attendees information about creating a pollinator garden and educating them regarding the benefits and enjoyment of a Butterfly Garden and also to encourage their involvement to create such a garden for themselves and their community. The tour was hosted by the Loup Rivers Scenic Byway. For more information regarding a Certified Butterfly Garden you may contact Janet Sanders at 308/346-3393 or you may visit the North American Butterfly Association on the web at www.nba.org.