Transmission line completed and energized

The Broken Bow Wind farm is complete, the towers are dedicated, and final testing and commissioning is in its final stages. A key component to the operation is a nine mile long, 115,000-volt transmission line planned and built by Nebraska Public Power. When a wind tower generates, the power has to have some place to go, and the job of the new transmission line is to make sure this takes place. “This has been a successful project due to outstanding cooperation by the community and landowners involved,” said NPPD Project Manager Jedd Fischer, in the October NPPD newsletter “GRID.” “From our first public open house to the time we started construction, the people in Broken Bow, Custer County, Custer Public Power District, local community leaders, and most importantly the landowners affected have been supportive of the routing process. To them we say thank you for their efforts and support.” According to Mark Becker, of NPPD, the power company is currently contacting land owners to make sure all issues have been addressed. Under contract with Edison Mission, NPPD was required to have its transmission facilities completed by this fall. According to Fischer, the final step of the project is for NPPD’s Right of Way Agents to meet with each landowner and settle any property damages as a result of construction. NPPD Board Member Tom Hoff added, “The NPPD crews did a great job in limiting damage to property while they were doing the work. I was very pleased our crews worked on this as if it was their own property.” NPPD began work on this project in September 2009 when it was determined a wind farm would be built near Broken Bow and require a transmission line to move the generated electricity into the electric grid. In early 2012, NPPD began meeting with landowners to acquire right of way easements. Line construction began in May and now the line links a new substation that serves the wind farm with an existing substation on Broken Bow’s south side. Edison Mission, which owns and will operate the wind farm under a power purchase agreement with NPPD, is conducting testing in coordination with the District’s Doniphan Control Center. This testing will be completed prior to the wind farm going into operation. EDITOR’s NOTE: The Chief thanks NPPD media specialist Mark Becker for the information contained in this article.