UPDATE: Extreme temps close schools

Several schools and every rancher in the area are preparing for what is predicted to be some of the coldest days in several decades. A combination of cold and windy conditions will result in dangerous conditions; frostbite can occur between 10-30 minutes for exposed skin. As of 7 a.m., Monday, Jan. 6, 2014, the follow schools have announced closings or late starts: ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS ANSLEY - Late Start - 10 a.m. Monday ARCADIA PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Late Start - 10 a.m. Monday BROKEN BOW PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Closed Monday HEAD START/BROKEN BOW - Closed MondayLITTLE ANGELS PRESCHOOL - Closed MondayLOUP CITY PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Closed MondayORD PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Closed Monday SANDHILLS PUBLIC SCHOOLS Late Start - 10 a.m. MondaySUMNER-EDDYVILLE-MILLER - Late Start - 10 a.m. MondayTHE SCHOOL GARDEN/BROKEN BOW - Closed MondayThe following businesses/organizations have announced changes to their schedules:BLAINE COUNTY COURT HOUSE - set to open at 10 a.m.HEALING HEARTS & HELPING FAMILIES - Monday board meeting rescheduledLOUP COUNTY HISTORICAL SOCIETY - Monday event cancelled.PRAIRIE PIONEER CENTER BROKEN BOW - Closed Monday