Vandalism reported at Broken Bow Public Schools

Ryan Hogue, Assistant Principal and Activities Director for Broken Bow Public Schools, has sent out a call for help ... let's keep our eyes open and see what we can do to get this stopped.Good evening,I am writing this email to all of you tonight with a level of frustration and confusion. Broken Bow High School has endured some acts of vandalism this past summer and early fall school year. In early June, on a early Sunday morning (Approximately 2:30 am) the Broken Bow Fire Department was notified of a fire in the middle of the Jr. High practice field west of the Activities Building. Two tractor tires used for Summer Conditioning exercises were set on fire thus burning the grass in a 25'x 25' area. The fire killed the grass and came close to damaging sprinkler lines and heads.The second incident was more of a prank than vandalism as at leasttwo people placed a coach in the middle of the game field inside the Mark Russell field complex. This incident, even though harmless in the grand schemes of facility damage still required action by our Maintenance Department on a Saturday afternoon.The last incident, which also included the Football Game Field, was noticed early last week while preparing the field for the annual Canned Food Football Scrimmage. Sometime between August 15th and August 19th time line, someone or a group of individuals took chemicals and sprayed it directly on the Football Game Field killing the grass. The level of disrespect the pictures and lettering portrayed in this vandalism act was the worst I've ever seen towards a school or individuals and it disappoints me that the school is having to deal with this issue at the start of another school year. This time of year should be exciting and joyful for our students, teachers & parents, not a time to discuss careless acts of vandalism & dis-respect towards our students, employees & school system. The individuals involved in these three separate incidents obviously do not have a LOVE for this school system nor have a sense of Bow or Community Pride as most of us share.Again, we are asking for your help. If ANYONE has information regarding the person(s) involved in the above incidents, please call the Broken Bow Police Department at 872-6424 to give any information you can. Any leads or information would be helpful & greatly appreciated at this point. If you feel your call should be anonymous due to various circumstances, I am sure the Police Department would honor that request or would work with you in any way possible.Let's pull together and make sure these senseless and immature acts stopimmediately!!!!