Variety show launches fund-raiser

Mark your calendars now, and make plans to attend the Broken Bow Schools theater renovation ‘Kick-off Fundraiser” March 5 at the Broken Bow Middle School Auditorium beginning at 7 p.m. An evening of music, drama and speech is planned featuring Broken Bow High School students and the Custer County Community Choir. The suggested donation is $5 for adults and $3 for 12 and under, with the proceeds going to Broken Bow Public Schools Foundation for the renovation of the Middle School Auditorium for use as a Fine Arts facility. “The dream is to have new seating and a face lift,” said Broken Bow Instrumental Instructor Bill Reichert. “We have visions of redoing the stage, but we need to see what the architect suggests.” They, the Fine Arts Committee and Broken Bow Schools Foundation, would love to see theater seating in the balcony. They would also like to see more seating; the facility currently holds 500, but they won’t know if that is possible until they see the architect’s drawings. “The problem is that the seating area is wide, but it isn’t deep,” said Reichert. No cost has been put to the plans, all of this is coming. “We are going to try to accomplish this privately, through donations,” said Reichert. At present the fine arts students cannot put on a production, there is no place to rehearse, and scenery has to be taken down daily. The March 5 Variety show is a culmination of several organizations, instrumental music, vocal music, one acts, speech, poetry and community. “There will be a variety of fine arts activities involved, some groups who haven’t performed in a while, and some new groups, some solos,” Reichert added. A reception is planned for back stage following the show so that the audience can get a closer look at the dream. It is hoped there will also be some of the preliminary drawings available. “Monday’s concert rekindles a spring production that hopefully will become an annual musical,” said Broken Bow Superintendent Dr. Moon. Over half of the students at Broken Bow High School are involved in a fine art, she added. “Participation in fine arts builds skills and confidences that carry through the students’ entire lives,” she said.