Vet Care welcomes new doctor

From Texas Longhorns to Nebraska Angus, cattle often need the care of a good veterinarian - and cattle are Clayton Smith's specialty. Smith is the newest vet in Broken Bow, joining the staff of Vet Care June 6. He originally hails from Lubbock, Texas - marriage brought him to central Nebraska. He met his wife, Lindsey, while attending vet school at Oklahoma State University. Lindsey grew up on a ranch near Burwell, and during the summers she and Clayton would return to Burwell to help out on the ranch. As Clayton became more familiar with the area his wife called home, he became more and more fond of it. By the time he completed his schooling he knew his preference was large animals. Lindsey knew she wanted to be close to the ranch to help out her dad, so moving to Nebraska seemed like the perfect solution. "I wanted to do more cattle work, so we knew this would be a good area for us," Clayton explains. Around the first of June the couple moved just south of Berwyn, and Clayton began his new job a few days later. He was already very familiar with Larry Coleman and Russ Rice, of Vet Care, as he had done his internship at the animal hospital in March. He had gotten to know both doctors during previous visits to his father-in-law's ranch. Clayton says he has known since he was in junior high that he wanted to be a veterinarian. "People have asked me over the years why I wanted to be a vet, and I'm not real sure," Clayton says. "I just knew that's what I wanted to do, and I have never had any regrets." The couple has been married about a year and a half, and when not busy working or helping out on the ranch they enjoy lots of other outdoor activities - including backpacking and traveling. Vet Care is located at the intersection of Highway 2 and 1st Avenue in Broken Bow, and is open Monday thru Friday from 8-5, and Saturday till noon. "But someone is always on call," Clayton assures.