Walz saddles up with his cavalry collection

The display in Troy Walz’s office contains Cavalry equipment from the late 1800’s all the way up to the 1940s.Walz grew up on a ranch, and developed an interest in horses from a very early age. “When I grew up a little, I got into reading about horses but then I saw some of the pictures of the different equipment and I realized that I had no idea what they were. That’s when I started to research into the equipment’s time frames and uses,” explained Walz. Walz began to find out more and more interesting facts, for example, officers had different saddles than their infantry. Walz explained that the more he found out, the more dimensions were added to understanding and collecting. Walz’s collection spans the course of about a century, but he plans to extend it back into Civil War times.“There are collectors all over the United States and auctions that I get different things from. There are also some guys that know I collect certain things and when they come across them they give me a call,” said Walz. Walz is not only a collector, but a member of the United States Cavalry Association for six years. The Association is based out of Riley, Kansas, puts out a quarterly journal and hosts a National Cavalry Competi-tion annually. Walz has attended the competition every year of his membership and has participated in judging and as an official timer. The competition is in the fall each year; this year it will be hosted in the origin place of Riley, Kan. toward the end of September. Walz plans to maintain his hobby for as long as he is able to, and thoroughly enjoys himself.