Wanted - A few good men and a few good horses

Dear Editor, I was just thinking the other day, that with the turmoil in the U.S. Postal System, I might have a partial solution, at least as far as Nebraska is concerned. If the Post Office is seriously gonna drop the Grand Island and North Platte Sorting Centers, that could mean three day service for first class mail. That would mean I would get my bills three days late which wouldn't bother me since I usually can't pay them on time anyway. What would bother me, would be getting my disconnect notices late because it wouldn't give me enough time to pay the bill or defer them. Although they would believe me if I told them the checks in the mail, ‘Ya Right!’ My solution. My small town of Comstock, population 100 has two private businesses, a pop machine and a pay phone. We just lost our bar. Seventy years ago we had 60 legitimate businesses. People ask if we recovered from the recession, heck we haven't recovered since the depression. We have at least 50 horses within five miles of Comstock. Why not reinstitute the Pony Express? A horse can run five miles a day. Three horses could get us next day, first class delivery, for 50 miles. We could make next day service a 100-mile delivery with six horses and with nine we could equal the new postal system’s three day delivery for 150 miles. Since Comstock is centrally located, we could be the mail hub of all outstate Nebraska. I don't think horses would like Omaha, there aren’t any dirt road shoulders on the Interstate and horses would lose too much time waiting for the traffic lights. The overweight guys, like me, could feed and saddle the horses. The skinny guys could ride them. Local farmers could raise hay and oats. Our senior citizens could sort the mail. They like to know other people's business any way. We could virtually have Comstock 100 percent employed counting both people and horses. Less than 1 percent of the Post Office’s budget would be impacted by eliminating small town Post Offices. This won’t solve the Post Office’s problem. So consider this novel idea, bring back the Pony Express and beat the U.S. Postal System? By Henry Nuxoll Comstock