Weightloss Challenge adds jackpot

Becky Pearson, PT, and staff want you to get up and get moving. She says she and her staff are ‘just a little’ competitive, so when they started talking about putting together a weight loss challenge of their own and presented the idea out to a few of their clients, the idea blossomed. “We were all trying to eat a little healthier and were going to organize an internal (in office) challenge when others said they’d like to join in,” explained Pearson. So Pearson decided to operate the challenge like a barrel race ... have a jack pot ... throw in some added money ... help someone in need, and then figure out how to involve the community ... all at the same time. The office has a patient in need of some equipment, an FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation) chair to be more specific. The patient is a quadriplegic and this equipment will help stimulate the muscles of his legs which helps with blood flow. “It is very expensive,” she added, “around $17,000 and to date Medicaid has yet to approve one in the state of Nebraska.” She doesn’t expect to reach the full amount, but does hope the challenge will help. “We’re not going to hold any moneys back,” she said, 50 percent of what is earned will be given back in prize moneys and 50 percent will go toward the cause. It costs $20 to enter the challenge and at the end of Tuesday, 51 people had signed up. When the final weigh-ins are complete, 25 percent of the moneys taken in will go to the person with the greatest percentage of weight lost, 15 percent to the second place ‘loser’ and 10 percent to the third. Challengers started weighing in Monday at the physical therapy clinic at 2021 South E Street in Broken Bow and it was expected they would see challengers join through out the week. Pearson said late joiners will be gladly accepted, but final weigh-ins must be accomplished on time and are set for March 7-12. To be successful in weightloss, people need to be aware of the advantages of losing weight, to be motivated to do so, and to have some knowledge of steps to take to succeed, she said. It was last fall when Pearson lost 14 pounds and that she is now down to where she was ‘before children.’ “I was so tired and didn’t feel all that good until the weight came off,” Pearson said, adding that her new goal is to be down to her “married weight.” “It takes perseverance. It takes a lot of perseverance. You also have to figure out what works for your own body. The whole idea is to give a little incentive for people to get a little healthier.” For more information call 308-872-5800.