When the Going Gets Tough...

   This winter was relatively easy in regards to illnesses...at first. I've spoken with several families and we've decided the economy is really going under if our clinics, pharmacy and hospital go under...because we've been there a lot!
    Just this last week, I've taken my son to the clinic twice. Our bout with illness started in late February, when three of us came down with the stomach flu - never at the same time, of course. Daughter out of commission Friday-Saturday, husband Thursday, me the next Saturday. And why does the flu always start at 2 or 3 am????
   From there, we moved into March and my son got RSV. He was out for a week. Then my daughter got influenza A....another week gone. Yep, you guessed it. My son got influenza A. Funny thing, though, I took both in to the doctor on Saturday because my daughter's cough had worsened and my son and I were starting to cough. It was just a cold at that point, but by Sunday, he was running a high temp and very lethargic. So, not only was that another week our family was down and out, we were confined to a hospital room. He never got pneumonia, but he may as well have because we did the same treatments. Thank you to the wonderful nurses who kept me sane! And to my husband who would come relieve me so I could see a few clients or go to track practice and run off some of my energy!
   Other families are struggling with illnesses, too. Pneumonia, bronchitis, strep...I've heard they are all making a comeback late in the season. There were days when I'd call the clinic to get one or the other of my children in and I could tell by the long pause that they were swamped. Kudos to our local medical staff...we kept you on your toes!
   Having sick kids is rough...having sick kids who don't act sick is even worse, though. They no longer feel sick so they don't understand why they can't go back to school or daycare. It's BORING at home with mom and dad (especially if that parent is ill!). Plus, the parents are trying to keep some order in the home. I spoke with one mom who had pneumonia. She said she would get up, change out the laundry and then have to sit and focus on breathing for awhile.
   It's obvious to me...when the going gets tough, we do what we have to. Not the right quote, you say? Ya, I know, but in reality, we do what we need to survive. The going is always going to get tough at spots but it isn't just the tough that get going. Everyone finds a way to climb their mountains...some go straight up, hand over hand...others take a longer, more winding road...and some wait for the mountain to erode.