Zoning board says no - again

County Board of Supervisors will host public hearing Tuesday, 11 a.m., on new radio towerWhen the Custer County Zoning Board met in July to consider a request for a conditional use permit to build a new radio tower north of Broken Bow, the board split the vote down the middle, 4-4. The reason, they said, for not approving the request was because it did not meet the setback guidelines. So Mark Jensen, owner of MJ Leasing, reconfigured his plan and set the tower back further, filled out a new application, and came back to the zoning board last week. By the end of the 2-hour discussion that ensued, the board voted 6-2 against the proposal. It will now go before the Custer Count Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning. A large crowd gathered in the Supervisor’s meeting room at the Custer County Courthouse for last Wednesday’s meeting, with most of those present offering an opinion on the subject. Those opinions seemed to be divided down the middle; the landowners in proximity of the proposed tower all seemed to agree they do not want it there. The exception was Clyde Thompson, owner of the property where the tower would be erected, who supports it. On the other side of the aisle were the community members, including several business owners, who support the new station - citing it would be good for Broken Bow economically. The zoning board ultimately decided they could not support the project based on the fact that they feel it is part of their responsibility to protect the “quality of life of the ag zone”, and several of the landowners stated this would negatively impact their “quality of life.” The matter is now in the hands of the county commissioners. The public hearing for the conditional use permit for MJ Leasing is set for 11 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 27.