James Bissonette Sept 23 2021 fire department COVID death Hero's Walk

Firefighters and EMTs from Broken Bow, Neb. and medical health providers line a hallway at Bryan East Medical Center in Lincoln this morning (09/23/21) for a Hero's Walk for James Bissonette, a member of the Broken Bow Fire Department. It is believed that Bissonette contracted COVID-19 while helping fight wildfires near Bridgeport.

The following information is a press release from Jason Baum, Fire Chief, Broken Bow Fire Department the evening of Sept. 23, 2021.

The death of James Bissonette is a possible line of duty death. The Broken Bow Fire Department assisted Bridgeport (Nebraska) in the wildfires. After  they returned, the Broken Bow Fire Department had two firefighters who tested positive for COVID-19, one of which was Bissonette.

On Friday morning (Sept. 24, 2021), the Broken Bow Fire Department is going to meet the body of James Bissonette and his family at the Custer County line. If anyone would like to pay the respects to James, they are welcome to line the streets or the highway as they make their way into Broken Bow. They will travel along Highway 2  into Broken Bow and then to go Govier Brothers Mortuary. The time of arrival is undetermined currently but will be posted as soon as available.

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