As of Sept. 8, co-owner of the Callaway Courier Mike Wendorff  said he didn't yet know what the last issue of the Callaway newspaper would be. Wendorff and his wife, Suzanne, are closing the Courier after 32 years of ownership. There was some interest in purchasing the newspaper but nothing serious.

Wendorff says he has no regrets about owning a small town newspaper. “We printed the truth as we saw it,” he said.  “We chose to make Callaway our home and the newspaper was a vital part of that.”

Wendorff is looking forward to giving his new position as the Transportation Coordinator of Callaway Public Transit System his full attention, a job he has already started. He gives full credit to his wife, Suzanne, for her contributions to the Courier over the year. "She put her heart and soul into this," he said.

Read more about Wendorff and the Courier in the Sept. 16, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

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